This page is dedicated to those who choose all things good in family life.   On this page you will find inspiration for home life including craft ideas, money saving tips, and pictures of simple homes to delight the eye and inspire our hearts.
Take a look around your space for unused or broken items that with a bit of paint and some ingenuity can take on a new look and a new use.  Keep supplies well organized and they can be decorative as well as useful.

 Everyone should be able to find a treasure here, if we just take the time to look.

 The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction.     Laurie Colwin


 Children especially love the simple things of life like making a scarecrow or picking some apples.  They love to climb the trees.  That's something I never outgrew.  There is nothing like perusing your world from the safety of a tree branch.

 This tree is fantastic.  Bring a book.

 When is the last time we received or sent a "real" "hand-written" letter and not just a text message or e-mail?  A lost art for sure.  We can share much encouragement and joy with others by sending them a timely card or letter.  Older folks especially regard this is a treat.

 Take something old and broken and turn it into something new and fun.  Cost $0.  Just some imagination.

 It only took a tiny can of inexpensive paint to turn these shutters into blue instead of the typical black.  Imagine that you live behind these windows.   What would life be like?

 If you love the look of white on white, remember it's just junk furniture (you can feel free to dumpster dive) all painted the same color.  This is a fantastic style when you have all old stuff that is several ugly shades of brown and nothing matches.

 To have an environment that promotes peace and simplicity we have to de-clutter.  Clutter equals chaos. 

Here is an idea to help control clutter.  Every time we bring something new into our homes, let's remove something.
The terrible illustration below is a sample of a real house where a hoarder lives.  One can see how one can go from clutter into the full-fledged disorder of hoarding.  There are organizations to help if you, or someone you know, should find yourself in this situation.
Now here is the same kitchen after professional help and clean up.  You and I deserve to live in a clean and healthy environment.  Let us make our homes beautiful in every sense of the word.

 The Spending Challenge to control your finances: here is how it works.  Step 1: Realize that everyone has bills that must be paid. Rent, insurance, heat, fuel for the auto, etc. These should be paid first.  Then there are those purchases of items we can either eat or wear. These too can be purchased on this plan. We'll tweak them in a later step. If it not one of the above mentioned "everybody has to pay it" items and you cannot wear it or eat it, I challenge you for just 30 days, not to purchase it. It is only for 30 days. You can do it. No excess purchases. Why not begin today.

Step 2: Coming soon to a blog near you.

Do you think this space is beautiful?  If so, why?  What makes it a place of beauty?

 When we are authentic, when we keep our spaces simple, simply beautiful living takes place.

Alexandra Stoddard

A kitchen doesn't have to be expensive and fancy or follow the latest trend to be functional and beautiful.
Organization is a key element in a simple lifestyle.  One doesn't have to have expensive "new-fangled" or "designer" items to be organized and still have a great look in your space. 

 Shopping can be an issue for a frugal person.  I recommend flea markets, tag sales, farmer markets, and junk shops.  If all else fails, try a store.

 The whole thrill of junking is that you just know the next table will have what you've been looking for all your life.

Mary Randolph Carter

 Can you think of a nicer way to treat family and friends than this outside dinner setting?  Or this one?

 Remember the simple pleasures of life are usually free.  Remember the pleasure of riding on a swing.

 Good taste shouldn't have to cost anything extra.

a thought by Micky Drexler

Ralph Lauren said,

When friends enter a home, they sense its personality and character, the family's style of living--these elements make a house come alive with a sense of identity, a sense of energy, enthusiasm, and warmth, declaring, "This is who we are; this is how we live."

 It's your space.  Let your imagination express you!!

 Build A Very Simple Wardrobe

from The Simplicity Reader

Elaine St. James

If you're very serious about simplicity, here is another fashion option you might want to consider.

A wealthy Wall Street financier is reputed to have developed the simplest wardrobe ever: he has a half dozen copies of one exquisitely tailored 3-piece suit, a couple of identical white shirts and silk ties and a couple of pairs of black shoes.  That's it.  Year in and year out that's all he ever wears.  His reasoning is that he has enough decisions to make each day without having to worry about what to wear too.

Think about it.  This, or your own variation of this, could really simplify your life.

 Dressing well and staying within a very limited budget can be as much fun as it is challenging.  One of the best places to shop are consignment shops located in upscale communities.  By doing a bit of homework and knowing who the best designers are and what items fall into the "classic" category one can build a simple, well made wardrobe built around a few pieces that will stand the test of time.  I'm not telling you anything you do not know.  It is the story of the "basic black dress" expanded into a complete wardrobe.   Stick with well-tailored classics that will last for years and always be in style.  Just imagine you are Kate Middleton or for the older ladies, Jackie Onassis.

 Now about that over crowded schedule of yours.  Something has to be done and the sooner the better.  To begin, select a day without too much already planned and cancel everything.   Shut off the phone.  Stay home and do nothing but relax.  You'll find lots about your busyness on this site.  Great tips to help you feel better. 

A simple country Christmas.  Bells, carols, greens, candles.